Once upon a time, there was a pencil.  Now this pencil lived in the olden days, cowboy time in fact. 
He was the fastest draw in Art Chest Town.  Yep, you guessed it – his name was Pencil Pete.  He was Deputy Sam's father.

Some time in August, the Penawatomis went to war with Art Chest Town.  I'll tell you the story now.

It was a windy day in Art Chest TownThe sun was shining brightly, and everyone was happily minding their own business.  No one noticed the little figure with the feathers behind the hill.  It was Bic Click.  He was Chief Ball Point's bravest Indian.  He had 27 feathers for bravery.  That was even more than Chief Ball Point had (he only had 18).

When Bic Click returned and reported that the town was not expecting any trouble, a commotion rose among the Penawatomis.  Chief Ball Point commanded his top warrior Flowing Fountain Pen to take his fellow warriors into battle over Art Chest Town.  The reason the Penawatomis wanted to rule Art Chest Town was this: the pencils of the town did not know that near Crayon River, under the old flour mill, was the biggest ink supply in the nation.  Pens need ink; that's why they wanted to rule the town.

At 11:30 all the Penawatomi warriors gathered by Art Chest Town.  Every Indian waited for the signal.  At first there was silence, then a tremendous voice echoed throughout the town "FIRE!"  78 arrows flew through the air.  The next thing you knew bullets and arrows zipped and zapped across the town.  There were sounds of bows plucking and bullets whizzing through the air.  Then there was another sound.  "QUIET!!"  It was Deputy Sam standing next to his father Pencil Pete.  No one moved.

Then Pencil Pete spoke.  "Now, I don't like fights.  Psst - Sam, there's a fly on your hat."  Deputy Sam brushed off the fly and Pencil Pete continued.  "And I've decided to let Sam, or as all of you know him Deputy Sam, think of a plan because he's better than me in the smarts department."  Deputy Sam smiled.  "But that's the only way he's better than me."  His smile disappeared.  "Well Sam, what's you're decision?"

Sam made a very Smart decision.  As you remember, Pencil Pete was the fastest draw in Art Chest Town.  "Well Pa, I think you and Chief Ball Point should meet at West Glue Avenue at high noon and have a draw down."

So at high noon, Chief Ball Point and Pencil Pete met at West Glue Avenue.  "What we draw?" asked Chief Ball Point.

"How about a buffalo," answered Deputy Sam.  "Backs together, take three steps, then draw.  One, two, three, GO!"

Then there was scribbling from the two challengers.  It was incredible!  You've never seen such drawing.  Of course, Pencil Pete won and it only took him 11 seconds!  Chief Ball Point finished 8 seconds later.

Then Pencil Pete asked, "Why did you want to fight us anyway?"

"I tell you why," said Chief Ball Point sadly.  "Under old flour mill is large ink supply."

Pencil Pete laughed hard.  "You didn't have to fight Chief B.P.  You only had to ask.  Pencils don't need ink.  You can have as much as you want!"

So the Penawatomis lived happily ever after with the ink, and Art Chest Town lived happily ever after because they never had to fight the Penawatomis again.

The End