I have a paper route.

I have had it for almost six years.

I have come the conclusion that anyone with a paper route is nuts.

The deliverer is required to daily brave the elements no matter what they may be.  Only someone who is not quite right in the head would willingly face 80 degree below zero temperatures, snow up to his armpits, floods, hail, cyclones, meteor showers, moose stampedes, falling gelatin, and worse.  Each weekend this disturbed individual willingly gets up at 6:30 a.m. to deliver.  On Sundays he takes on 430 pounds of newspapers – each Sunday paper the size of a small mini-mall.  For the rest of his life, every dog within a one mile radius will be able to sense his presence and desire to do nothing less than sink his teeth into the paper carrier’s spleen.  However, the greatest evidence of insanity is the few pennies a month he works for.  Obviously we are dealing with a person one paper short of a bundle.  I have sympathy for any poor individual condemned to a life of delivery