Covering my eyes are small fleshy flaps.  But that’s not all.  On the end of each small fleshy flap are many hairs.  The flaps are rather stretchy.  They go up and down.  I can move them simultaneously or separately.  I can squish them down and make my eyes look squinty or suck them back into my head and make my eyes look really big.  I love my fleshy flaps.  I like to call them eyelids.

These eyelids are very useful.  By blinking periodically I keep a fresh layer of eye mucus over my eyes so they do not dry out.  I sleep much better with my eyes closed than I would without eyelids.  They keep my eyelashes from flopping around by holding them firmly in place.  According to Mike Karlesky, my eyelids keep my eyeballs from falling out of my head (but I’m not sure I believe that).  I truly am thankful for my small fleshy flaps.