Baseball is a silly game.  Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see this.  One human being throws a terribly hard, blunt object toward a second human being with only a thin wooden stick to protect himself.  What sane person would participate in such an activity?  Often times the batter is hit with the ball.  This must be considered a good thing, for the batter is rewarded by being allowed to stand on a bag.  But if the person being aimed at is successful at hitting the incredibly hard, potentially painful object, he is instead forced to run and run and run, trying to acquire a ‘point.’  Now this point does not really, physically exist.  The runner receives nothing for there is nothing anyone is prepared to give.  All those involved simply accept this abstract idea of a ‘point’ and see them as objects of value.  Those in the field (who have been doing nothing but standing for long periods of time) are expected to put themselves in the path of the hard blunt ball with no protection other than hunks of leather strapped to their hands.  Yet millions of people call all this “fun.”  I think it is just plain silly.