Story time!

Once upon a time there was a clown.  His name was Bobo.  Bobo lived on the top of a tall grassy hill.  One night as he was fast asleep, the mice who lived at the bottom of the hill crept into his house and stole his big red rubber nose.  When Bobo woke up and found his nose was naked, he began to cry.  It is a scary thing to see a clown with a naked nose cry.  Bobo got ahold of himself and set about to get revenge.  With much effort, Bobo pushed his kitchen stove to the edge of the hill.  Down below the furry rodents cowered in fear.  The sky turned black and lightning flashed behind him as the villainous Bobo cackled into the air.  Suddenly the stove tumbled down the hill as rodents scattered from their rodent village.  Luckily none of the mice were smushed, but the village was destroyed.  At the bottom of the hill the stove hit a giant spiderweb and was shot back up the hill and landed on the unsuspecting clown.  The rodents, now without a village, took up residence in the clown’s home and lived happily ever after (although, without a stove for making macaroni and cheese).  What is the point of all this?  A rolling stove gathers no mice.