It is time again for more philosophical words of wisdom.

A mousetrap is not only a nice pest control, but also can be the focus of a deep discussion.  When one comes across a mousetrap, one cannot help but think that anger is like a mousetrap.  The few who have not put much thought into the matter may ask, “How exactly is anger like a mousetrap?”

Many angry people keep their anger stored up inside and let it grow and fester until it finally violently come out.  In the same way, a mousetrap is set and then awaits the moment it can be set into motion.

When mousetrap bait is disturbed, the trap goes off.  Something external usually triggers anger also.

Improper displays of anger will always have ugly consequences.  When a mousetrap goes off, there is an oozing squished furry rodent at the other end.  He is usually not too happy.