Upon journeying through my journal (a dangerous place to be, I might add) one may notice if he or she stays long enough (a VERY dangerous situation) and observes enough entries (granted this action does not cause them to loose their mind (and granted they don’t have much of a life if they are reading this (and granted they have not yet put the journal aside to inform me I need professional help))) one may come to the conclusion that I favor the topic of cheeses and am not fond of tuna.

This assumption is correct.

After much research, I have discovered that the two great forces of the universe – good and evil – are fully displayed within these two products.  The very essence of each there dwells.

Cheese is the representative of all that is right.  In all its various forms - cheese-wiz, velveeta, string cheese, etc. - it stands for truth, justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of lasagna.  It begins its quest in the depths of that noble beast the cow (see a previous entry) and continues throughout its existence to enrich the lives of men and women, the elderly and wee babes, flora, fauna, and furry rodents.  Okay, maybe not the flora.

Yet tuna, or shall we say ‘The Forbidden Fish,’ strikes fear into every sane human’s bowel.  It is a vile doer of evil, servant of all that is wrong.  Forever doing battle against the good forces of cheese and hoping to control all with its pungent odor and potent toxins.  The battle wages on and each of us must choose our side.