I think, therefore I am.

If I am, will I think?

If I don’t think, will I not be?

If I am not, will I think not?

What if I swim?  If I swim will I therefore be?

If you think, therefore you will be.  If you think, will I be as well?  In order for there to be a you, there must be a me to recognize the you or else the you would be the only me and even then there would be no you but just a me who would be you.

If an iguana thinks, an iguana will be.  But do iguanas think?  We know iguanas are.  Whether they think or not they still are.  We think and we know iguanas are.  Even if we do not think, iguanas still are.  Whether anyone thinks or not, iguanas are.

Does thinking require being?

Does being require thinking?

Does chocolate require rodent hair?  But that is another story.

If one could be without thinking, one would never know.  Does an eggplant know that it is?  Does it care?  Do we care?  So being does not rely on thinking, yet thinking does on being, and being – being a being with or without thinking – I think, is what I am.

But to be or not to be.  That is the question.