Humor.  What a wonderful part of life.  It brings happiness into human existence and brightens each person’s day.  What better thing to compare to this abstract idea than an egg.

Eggs can be prepared in many ways, just as humor can come in many forms.  Many things make us laugh.  Eggs can be fixed in many styles.

People do not always naturally come out and laugh.  There are barriers that must be broken before someone feels comfortable enough to laugh.  These barriers can include self-consciousness, control, the situations, environments, or poor attitudes.  An egg has a shell that also must be broken in order to get what’s inside.

Eggs are fragile.  They can easily be ruined.  When dealing with humor and comedy, the person telling the joke is making himself vulnerable.  The joke can easily flop, crash, and burn in a gruesome mess.

People can take a joke too far.  If joking is kept up, many times it is no longer funny and instead gets stale.  Eggs that have been around too long can be pretty bad as well.

Humor does not just appear in a vacuum.  Someone must initiate it, create it.  Someone may say something funny on purpose.  Or someone may unintentionally say or do something humorous.  Eggs do not just happen either.  We must have our faithful feathered friends to chuck them out from deep within for our consumption.

Both humor and eggs can be inappropriate in certain places.  Jokes in funeral parlors.  Eggs in your shoe.