Did you know that the amount of insects that spiders eat each day is greater than the weight of the entire human population?

That is quite a bit.

I am glad for spiders.  If not for them, we would be wading through a massive sea of roaches, centipedes, houseflies, and millions of other such insects.

There must be many spiders out there, for I do not think a single spider eats all that by himself.  Otherwise we’d have a pretty fat spider running around.

That is an awful lot of webs.  Billions of tiny eight legged creatures are at this moment excreting miles upon miles of web making fluids in order to capture and devour the multitudes of insects out there for us.

What if our faithful friends were to become corrupted?  Surely if they can handle the weight of our population each day in insects, they could handle a significant portion of the actual human race each day.  We could be wiped off the face of the planet in a matter of days and totally replaced by spiders. 

But if they were working on us they would be ignoring the insects of the world who would still be multiplying and then take over the ruling spider population.

This would be a really big, complicated mess so I’m glad they stick with insects.