This is no ordinary journal entry.  This just so happens to be journal entry number 50!  How wonderful!  We’ve been through a lot.  Yes, there have been those entries that were boring and some that were odd and some quite desperate, but we’ve had some good times.  I have learned about shampoo.  I have jumped into the world of diagramming.  I have added the catchphrase ‘elderly women’ to my vocabulary.  I have explored math problems.  We have been through quite a broad range of topics.  From cheese to hair to clam chowder to uvulas to dentures to cleanliness to glue to earlobes to fish to gerbils to poodles to lizards to penguins to shaving to foo-foo to ammonium laureth sulfate to handwriting to raisins to footwear to dairy products to lint to fur to eyebrows to bagels to esophaguses to floss to goats to cows to undigested meat to wilderbeasts to the tangents to the fall of the Roman Empire to muskoxen to ape lips on ice to warm velveeta to arobatic turkeys smoking tomatoes to tuna.  And I’m sure we’re the better because of it.  So here’s to fifty more full of fun and surprises.  I will try my hardest to enrich your lives and inform you of the issues influencing the world today.  Happy reading and I hope I can think of more stuff to write.