Happy 1994!  The year of our graduation.  One more little trip around the sun.  Yes, 1994.  Who knows what this new year holds?  Who knows what journal entries will result?  Who knows what feats will be accomplished?  Who knows what adventures it holds?  Who knows the places to be visited and explored?  Who knows the people that will be met?  Who knows the things to be learned?  Who knows the food to be eaten and the gas to be gained?  What about the roads to travel – and the roadkill to dodge?  What about the fields in which to frolic and the sweat to perspire?  What about the rain in which to walk and the colds to catch?  And don’t forget the fevers to be had and the headaches to get and the diseases to acquire.  And think of all the babies to be born and the diapers to change.  And the cheeses that will mold!  And the milk that will spoil!  And the thing way back in the refrigerator that will grow green and furry!  And the earwax to clean!  And the deodorant to go through!  And the tuna to avoid!  And the bones that will be broken!  And the teeth that will be pulled!  And the bad haircuts people will receive!  And the world continues yet another voyage around the sun.  What a glorious year to behold!  And its secrets soon to be discovered.  Then it will be 1995, and it will happen all over again.