Let us journey into Mr. Dictionary!  

This is Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.  Oh how wonderful!  We’re only at the title and there’s already a word you may not know – “Collegiate.”  But, hey, no problem – we’ll just look that sucker up.  C…  Cr…  Co…  Col…  Ah, here it is.  Before we take a look, let’s make a bet that  it has to do with “college.”  1: of or relating to a collegiate church  2: of, relating to, or comprising a college  3: collegial  4: designed for or characteristic of college students.   Well, we were right - #4 seems to apply.

Ah, but as I gaze at the page I spot a word.  I bet you don’t know what “colly” means.  It means “to blacken as if with soot.”  I bet you don’t know what “colloid” is either.  But I’m not telling – I’ll let you look it up yourself.

Now let’s close our eyes, open a page, and stick our finger down.  “Latakia.”  Never heard of it.  A highly aromatic Turkish smoking tobacco.  This is a rather vague.  What might they mean by “highly”?  Are they speaking of altitude?  Must you smell it in high places?  Possibly places in Turkey.  And is aromatic a good thing?  Or maybe they misspelled.  Maybe it’s a high aerobatic turkey smoking tomatoes.  Or a hiding charismatic starfish smoking jacket.  Well, I suppose we’ll have to take their word for it and assume they know what they’re talking about.