I am tired.  Let me snatch you out of the reality of wherever you may be and take you into my existing state of exhaustion as I write.  My eyeballs feel like cannonballs.  My mouth has the texture, somewhat, of warm velveeta.  I believe I am on the verge of drooling.  I am not aware of any part of my body below my armpit – that is, except for my hand which I am desperately trying to keep moving here.  My head weighs 1000 pounds.  ( I may just need a haircut.)  As I lay here trying to do my entry, I hear slumber beckoning.  Oh, what a melodious voice!  Here I am!  Here I come!  Oh, but to only close my eyes and slip into the world of sleep.  A world of squishy pillows and heavy covers.  A world of jumping sheep and men throwing sand at people.  It is a quiet world.  A world that does not know of journal entries.  A world that does not know the madness of homework or comprehend the insanity of working late at night.  Oh, to be asleep!  I can feel it now.  Here it comes.  If I can just lay my head down for but a moment.  Yes, and slowly shut my eyelids.  And let consciousness drain from my mind onto the floor – watch where you step.  And here I go.  Goodni g  h    t    .