Today is Friday.  The only reason I have written this opening sentence is because Katie and Ryan did as well.  It is not coincidence.  I gave in – I conformed to those around me.  It is not because of peer pressure, because no one actually pressured me.  They may not even be aware now.  If the are, they may not care.  I am left alone with my secret to guard.  Carrying the burden by myself, I now must continue on.  Let us put this traumatic experience behind and get on with this entry.  I should not dwell on this.  There is nothing that can be done now.  So get out of the past and on with your life!  Are you but a slave to past actions – actions that were not even your own but simply copies of actions from others around you?  Or are you free?  Free to express your own thoughts and ideas?  Ape lips on ice.  Ha!  I bet no one else has written that today!  So what are you trying to prove? By writing an original phrase are you trying to hide from your past?  By throwing this out you have reduced yourself to a cocky fool trying to justify himself.  You have entangled yourself in a vicious trap.  By acknowledging your first sentence you have become a slave to the past.  By writing nonsense about the body parts of apes you have tried to hide from the reality of your past.  Let us stop the madness and turn to the next journal entry.