Ryan Cole has just informed me that over the past twenty years 76 people have died from bug bites in Florida and only 6 have died from alligators.

This brings to mind two questions.  One, what kind of bugs are these exactly, and Two, why are the alligators slacking off?

Is no one safe?  What more pathetic creature is there than a bug?  With one quick motion, a person can squash a bug out of existence.  How can so many people have lost the battle?  This brings up another point – the number of human fatalities diminishes in significance in comparison to the billions of bug deaths.  Heaping tons of bug copses would bring out a little retaliation on their behalf.

This too could explain the relatively few attacks by alligators.  People don’t often try to squish an alligator.  Perhaps gators do not feel as defensive as the insect multitudes do.

If only we could live in harmony with the creepy crawly creatures of the world.  Then we could all be friends.  We could live in peace just as we do with the alligators.  Aren’t you glad we don’t try to squash wildebeests or elephants or gorillas?  What if gerbils suddenly turned on us…  We must be very careful not to let this happen.