Ryan Cole has just informed me that by the time a man is 50 years old he will have five pounds of undigested meat in the bottom of his stomach.

What an interesting thought.  This would be a pound per decade.  This would be a tenth of a pound every year.

Why is such insanity taking place?  What exactly does this meat do there?  Why are our internal organs not taking care of this problem?  I’m sure our stomach does not appreciate this excess meat very much.  What did our stomachs ever do to us?  They serve us faithfully daily and we shuck five pounds of idle meat into them.

But why would it stop at meat?  I’m sure if we have five pounds of meat sitting there, surely we must have twice as much in twinkies and dingdongs.  And what about potato chips?  I’ll bet anything that 50 percent of the meat is made up of tuna.  Tuna is a digestive system’s worst nightmare.

Think of it.  Sitting there.  Following you everywhere you go.  Watching other food pass on by.  Once part of a living animal, now condemned to sit in the pit of a complete stranger’s stomach for the rest of its days.

Or then again, Ryan could be wrong.