Thanks has oozed from yesterday right into today.  The object of my thanks has shifted.  My thanks has budded into a passion for cows.  What a noble beast is the cow!  No other animal deserves such praise and adoration!  Only the cow I say; only the cow.

I am thankful for the cow for many reasons.  If it were not for cows, dairy organizations would have to be shut down.  Hamburgers would be nothing but vegetables on a bun.  And to what other source would we run for our fertilizer?  Fertilizer - with what else would we surround our crops; I ask you – into what other substance would we nestle our plants?  Our harvests would decline!  Our people would starve!

Goats are thankful for cows.  If it were not for cows, all responsibilities would shift to them.  No other beast would be as patient as the cow when certain fluids are removed for our consumption.  So the next time you have a glass of milk, don’t forget to thank the noble beast from which it was squeezed.