Today my heart is beaming with thanks.  I have thanks oozing out of every pore of my body.  Actually, it is making quite a mess.  I cannot contain my thanks and appreciation for string.

Oh joy!  Oh rapture!  Oh gleeful bliss!  This wonderful thing we call string!  I love string.  My heart beats for string.  If it were not for string, we would all exhaust ourselves from running around with kites in our hands.  We would all have sore backs from bending over to get our yo-yos when we let go of them.  We would have to buy billions of fishing hooks, for we could not retrieve them upon dropping them in the water.  We would have no dental floss.  Candles would merely be sticks of wax and very pointless.  Popcorn would fall off Christmas trees.  Guitars would be difficult to play.  It would be impossible to get buttons to stick.  We would have no string beans.  No string cheese.  Children all over the world would cry as their balloons flew away.  Their dolls would not talk.  Their shoes would fall off.  Cats would have nothing to play with.  People would forget things, having nothing to tie around their fingers.  Oh thanks be for this wonderful, beautiful, marvelous thing we call string!