I am going to be thankful for different things in my journal this week.  I have to write a one page essay for English class on something I am thankful for.  So I am going to practice up.

I am thankful for my neck.  It is a good thing and very useful.  My neck is located between my head and my chest.  It is rather long and thin.  I must shave hair off it.  It has an adam’s apple, and tunneling through the center is a throat.

My neck is very useful.  It keeps my head attached to my body.  I would get tired of carrying my head around everywhere with me.  My neck lets me turn my head to look in another direction.  It keeps people from staring at my esophagus. 

If I did not have a neck, I would have to rotate in order to look elsewhere.  This could get tiring.  If I had no neck, my ties would keep rubbing my face.  I would have no collars – or if I did, they would cover my mouth and inhibit breathing and eating.  If there were no necks, there would be no such thing as a necklace.  It would be a where-your-head-stops-lace.  People could not be neck and neck.  Without a neck, I wouldn’t even be close to 6-foot tall.