Lately, many people have come up to me and asked, “Aaron, how exactly is beauty like a bagel?”  So I’ve decided to put some thought into the matter.  We will now explore beauty and its bagelness.

There are two aspects of beauty: outer and inner beauty.  Outer beauty is something rather superficial and inner beauty is most desirable and pleasant.  This brings to mind a bagel which is hard on the outside yet soft and chewy within.  A bagel, of course, has a hole in the center.  An attempt to focus on only outer beauty will leave you empty inside.

Making yourself outwardly beautiful is a never ending job.  You will never be satisfied and will keep trying and trying.  A bagel is the same because it just goes around and around.

One main difference is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet it is very difficult to fit a bagel in someone’s eye.  There are many varieties of bagels, and people have their own preferences.  People also have their own ideas of what is beautiful to them.

Once you hit forty, everyone tends to look the same anyway.  All forty year old bagels look alike as well.