Why do we have eyebrows?  Think for a moment.  What are they good for?  How do we use them?  What purpose do they serve?  Exactly how do they bring meaning to our lives?

The eyebrow could technically refer to two different things.  It is both the ridge over the eye, and it is the hair that grows upon it.  I can see why we have the ridge.  There are these things called sockets that are kinda necessary of we want to have eyeballs.  The brow slopes above these sockets.  But why is there hair there?

I don’t think it is for protection.  We already have lids and lashes; and besides, I don’t think they would be able to fend anything off.  They aren’t big enough to keep you warm.  If they do keep you warm, that’s a mighty large pair of eyebrows you’ve got there.  Maybe that’s where our hairline starts and we all just have a big bald spot.  Maybe God had extra hair when He made us and picked a bonus spot.  Maybe it’s an indicator to new parents what color hair their bald baby will have.  Maybe they provide journal topics.  Whatever the reason, we’ve got them.  It’s a nice secure feeling knowing you’ve got fur above your eyes.