There are many mysteries in life.  There are many things that cannot be explained.  There are many questions to ponder that have no definite answers.  Today I want to throw some of these questions out, and you can spend some time dwelling upon them.  A few “what if’s.”

What if we did not have hair?
What if we had eleven digits?
What if your nose was to turn into a black hole and suck up the entire universe?
What if fish were household pests?
What if we could only hear in one direction at a time?
What if we could see in all directions at the same time?
What if we could taste from a distance?
What if we could smell only what touched our nose?
What if underwear didn’t exist?
What if we had undersocks?
What if the earth was swallowed by a giant creature and we were traveling through its digestive system?
What if lint was alive?
What if we had no tongues?
What if vegetables were furry?
What if tuna was the national fish?
What if you fell out of an airplaine with only a fork, a rubber band, a sheet of paper, and a poodle?