There are many places that are not good to stick a raisin.  Not many people take the time to think about this fact, yet what a true statement it is.  Raisins, like all things, can be used for good or for ill.  A raisin in the hands of a foolish person can be a very dangerous thing.

There are places that are dangerous to stick a raisin.  Raisins should not be put in a nostril.  Nostrils were not created to hold dried fruit.  This can be hazardous to one’s health and difficult to remove.  Raisins should not be left on railroad tracks.  Birds, small rodents, hungry children, and other creatures could be attracted by this treat.  There is also the threat of derailment if a train were to hit it just right.  They should not be stuck in a light socket.  This could cause any number of problems.

There are places you could put a raisin that would be embarrassing.  It is always embarrassing to find a raisin lying in your sock drawer.  Make sure you have removed raisins from all parts of your body and from any immediate family members before going out in public.

Finally, there are places that are just plain silly.  Don’t put one in your belly button.  This is pointless and a waste of time.  Other silly places include footwear, law offices, farm machinery, elderly women, and most dairy products.