I have taken notice that my handwriting has gotten sloppier throughout this year.  At this point in time I am making an effort to put a stop to this.

My first entry was fairly neat and tidy.  By my second entry, I was already desperate and had resorted to writing about cheese.  Nevertheless, it was neat, although not as good as the first.  My handwriting proved to be fair through Mon 9-27-93 with the entry on “Glue: Friend or Foe” with the possible exceptions of Thurs Sept 3 and Mon Sept 20.  Then beginning with the desperate attempt for creativity resulting in a discussion about my hand, my neatness takes a plunge.  Truth and Earlobes was okay.  So was my ramblings on erasers, fish, feet, lizards, and cheese (ah, a reoccurring topic).  Foo-foo, though short, was neat.  So was the oh-so-depressing entry about how busy my life has been.  But these last five entries have been foo-foo in themselves.

If I had more time I could go into the many theories about why this increasing sloppiness occurs.  Hand cells dying.  Quality of paper decreasing throughout the book.  Suppressed feelings of hopelessness when faced with maintaining previous efforts.  Gravity increases which result in heavier pencil lead.  Whatever the cause, I am now aware and will fight these forces at work.