Penguins live in the ice.  When I say that, I do not mean they are ‘in’ a slab of ice, but that they like it cold.  That is why you do not see wild penguins in Hawaii. 

Penguins are black and white.  They don’t have much choice in this matter.  Some do have other colors.  Never plaid.

They like to waddle.  I do not.  I am glad I am not a penguin because I would have to waddle.  Some people do waddle.  They would make good penguins.

(It is very late at night.  Tomorrow I will look back and wonder why this all came out of me onto paper to be preserved until the end of time.)

There are other reasons I am glad that I am not a penguin.  Penguins have beaks.  I do not.  Penguins eat fish all the time.  I do not.  I have a bellybutton.  Penguins do not.  Penguins run around with no clothes on.  I do not.

Try as I might, I don’t think I’d make a good penguin.