Due to a lack of creativity – not to mention a lack of full consciousness – and as a result of not having much of a life to write about, I will simply write whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not.

My eraser is pink.  It is now rounded, having been subjected to the act of dragging it across countless pieces of paper to take care of any written language deemed worthless or false or in error.  It did not always look this way.

There are no fish in sight.  This is good because I also do not see any water.  If there were fish, they would be dead.

I have feet.  I am glad.  They are now hiding in my socks.  My socks sometimes take refuge in my shoes – but not right now.  They are a bit under my pant legs. 

Gerbils are funny.  Goats are funny.  Chickens are funny.  Cows can be funny every once in a while.  Poodles are funny.  Cats are not funny.  Italian songs about cow stomachs can get you in trouble.


If a lizard ate some cheese, then it would no longer be hungry.  If a lizard is hungry, it must not have eaten any cheese.