What is truth?  This question has been asked by human beings for centuries.  Many answers have been proposed.  Many people have formed theories to better understand this mystery we call truth.  Today I hope to shed more light on the subject as we explore how Truth is Like an Earlobe.

Truth is all around us.  You can find it anywhere you go.  Yet people still search for truth and seem to be unable to find it.  A person’s earlobes are always with him.  They follow him everywhere he may go.  But try as he may, no matter how he turns his head, he cannot see his earlobes.  He cannot see them, yet they exist.

If a person looks in a mirror he can see his earlobes.  If a person searches in the right spots, he can find truth.  The Bible is our ‘mirror’ as it reflects the nature of humans and allows us to see God’s truth.

Once a person knows truth, he has a choice:  he can use it or ignore it.  A girl could decide to put in an earring and so enhance the appearance of her earlobe.  If a person takes advantage of the truth he knows, he can enrich his life and use it to better himself.