Cheese is a wonderful thing.  It comes in so many varieties.  Each has its own flavor, color, texture…  Cheese can be round or square - or really any shape your heart desires.  Cheeses usually range in colors from whites to yellows to oranges.  Many things are made with cheese: cheeseburgers, lasagna, pizza, and much more.  Despite popular belief, the moon is not actually made of cheese.  But that is okay, because many things are not made of cheese.  TV’s are not made of cheese.  Cars are not made of cheese.  My sister is not made of cheese.  Cheese can be used for many things.  It can be used to bait a trap that smashes unsuspecting little mice.  It can be a gift.  It can be used as a doorstop.  You could wear it for jewelry.  Cheese is our friend.  It would never do anything to hurt you and will always be willing to listen without interrupting.  So find a cheese today and give it a hug; let it know you care.