I am happy to announce the arrival of Evangeline Susan Zenz!

Lovely little Evangeline was introduced to the world Dec 31, 2007.  She is 21 inches long and weighed 7 lbs 10 oz -- two pounds less than Isaac was, so she's our second biggest newborn.  (I still find the sharing of such numbers amusing -- emerging from the womb is the one time in life anyone cares how tall and heavy you are.  Why don't any of you ask about my proportions?)  Evangeline is a very pretty baby.  I can say this since we're fairly honest parents -- we readily admit when our kids are goofy looking.  She's very alert - she spent her first several hours wide-eyed, content, and quiet.  She's eating well and we praise the Lord for that.

Labor lasted a swift 3 hours, and Amity opted for an epidural for the first time.  She is now a big fan of the epidural.  She recommends every one of you try it sometime.  Mine is scheduled for next week...

Evangeline means "Good News," and she's named Susan after my mom.

"Evangeline" comes from a word that appears many places in Scripture -- it sometimes is translated into English as "glad tidings" or "good news" or "evangelist" but is most often translated "gospel."

Evangeline's arrival certainly is good news!  But her name bears testimony to even better news than that.  It bears witness to the birth of another baby long ago.

The angel announced in Luke 2:10 "I bring you good news ("evangelizo") of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord."

We're all really familiar with that verse and probably heard it yet again recently.  But take some time to really notice what it says -- the Savior has been born for "all people."  Everyone needs this Savior.

And for those of us who decide to trust this Savior... what exactly are we being saved from?  Well, according to the Bible, it's Sin.  You see, the good news is only good when we remember that first there was Bad News.  The bad news is that Sin separated every one of us from the God who made us and sustains us and loves us.  Left to ourselves, that separation becomes permanent in Hell.  Yep, I said the H-word.  If we dance around the subject, then the Good News is only Nice News.  But, if we acknowledge the horror of what God has offered to save us from, the Good News becomes Great News.  Awesome News!!  The Best News that will ever be reported!!!

I love God for saving me.

A baby born to Amity and I is good news.  But a Savior born for All the people... that's Great news!

The start of an earthly life that could last 80-some years certainly is good news.  But spiritual life for eternity... that's GREAT news!

As we welcome this little girl into our family, please pray with us that Evangeline would come to know the good news that her name gives testimony to, and that she would come to place her trust in that good news.

We love you all, pray that you too are familiar with the Good News, and wish you great joy.

Aaron, Amity, Isaac, Grace, Lily, Elijah, and Evangeline