(trumpets, fanfare, etc)

I hereby officially proclaim the arrival of Amity Grace Zenz.  "Gracie" was born July 25 at 9:21 AM after a breezy 3 hour labor.  She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 20 in long (for those of you who like these kind of numbers).  She's the spitting image of a newborn baby.  But a tad cuter.  In my humble, unbiased opinion, that is.

Mom and babe are doing well.  Comparing the event to Isaac's 26 hr labor, Amity (Sr.) feels like nothing even happened.

Isaac (22 months now) is handling things well.  He tries to be gentle, but is not always aware of the location of his arms and legs.  He is oft heard walking through the house chanting in a low drawn out voice, "Hiii, baby."  On second thought, he really is horribly naughty.  No, no... I guess he's perfectly fine.  He's simply fascinated with violently popping the pacifier from the once-calm-baby's mouth and sticking it into his own.  He has also proved the old proverb to be true: "The blanket is always greener on the baby's side of the fence." Or something like that.

Gracie herself is also doing well.  So long as her brother is not accidentally stepping on her limbs or kicking her in the head.  Once again, I must say that the vast majority of both her parents think she's really, really cute.  She sleeps 26 hours a day and rarely cries -- unless she gets gas.  But hey, who doesn't.

We thank the Lord for his great blessings and his gracious gifts of life, health, and strength.

I'll write again soon.  And hopefully, I'll be able to send along some pictures too.  Our camera stinks, so I have to wait for other people to take some shots of this really, really cute baby.

Humble, unbiased father,