Once upon a time, as every story starts, there was a box of crayons.  8 of them.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black.

The orange said, "I'm bored here.  Let's escape and have fun!  What do you think Blue?"  And Blue said, "Sure!  That's a great idea Orange.  Hey Black, would you like to make plans?"

"Well . . . a . . . ur . . . ." said Black
"Don't mumble," said Orange. "Be a good sport." 
"Well, O.K.  I will," Black said.  
"That's the spirit!" said Orange.

And this is what Black wrote.  "We will jump on the other shelves, then go out the chimney, jump on the steps, hide behind the big oak tree, and then escape."

"Great!" yelled Red. "Let's get out of here."  So they did.

A cat was sleeping on the roof.  When they got up there she swapped Black's tip off.  After that, they finally escaped.

Now they had to find a new home.  So first they tried the beach.  They brought their umbrellas to lay under them.  Green liked the warmth of the sun so much that he didn't want his umbrella.  But since crayons are made of wax, Green started to melt!  "Help me!  Help me!"  So the others got some water and poured it on Green.  "Let's find another home," said Green.

They tried the North Pole.  They froze, but they found eskimo coats.  Then things got really bad because a big old hairy polar bear was coming.  When Red turned around he said, "Udza wow wow geez!"  Then he fainted and Purple had to catch him.  But Purple fainted so Orange had to catch both of them.  Orange said, "I don't like this place."

So they went to a castle.  They rolled under the door and hid behind a big chair (it was the royal throne, but they did not know that).  It was so big that the crayons could not see the top.  Yellow said, "That chair is Huge with a capital H!"  When they turned around and saw the king, Blue said, "That person is Humungus with a capital H!  Let's get out of here!"

They ran until they came to a tree.  "This looks like a good place," said Black.  When they got up there they saw a cat.  The cat swapped at Blue and Blue said, "I don't want to blow my tip up here! So let's get out of this tree!" 

But as soon as they started to go, a bird swooped down and picked up Brown because she thought that Brown was a worm!  The seven friends ran after Brown.  When they reached the bird's nest, he was nearly in a baby's mouth.  They shouted, "STOP!"  The mother was so startled that she dropped Brown out of the nest.  So the seven friends were off again to catch their friend.  He was about 6 feet until he hit the ground when they got there so they had to think fast.  Just then Orange spotted a leaf by him.  "Grab on!" he yelled.  Everybody did and . . . WHOMP!  Brown fell right smack in the middle.  "For a minute there, I thought I was a dead duck."

Then they tried a boat.  Orange got seasick.  Yellow looked over the edge of the boat and saw the fish jumping out of the water and back in.  He daydreamed about being a fish.  How fun it would be in the cool water. . . .  He was awakened by bubbles popping around him.  "Help me!" he yelled.  So the seven friends (one still a little bit sick) threw the anchor over the side to rescue him.  But they could not bring it up, so they yelled.  Two men came.  "Who's yelling?  And why is the anchor over?!"  The seven friends hid while the two men pulled the anchor up with Yellow still hanging on.  "Phew," said the men. "I hope no one does that again."

Yellow found Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black.  They decided to go home.  On the way they found a sharp knife.  Green said, "I can cut away the bumpy melted wax."  He looked as good as new, a little short, but as good as new.

They got back on the roof and Black found his tip.  "I found my tip!  I found my tip!"  They slid down the chimney and climbed back into their crayon box. "I'm glad we're back home," they all thought.

Just then the boy who owned the crayons walked in and yelled, "Hey!  Who broke my black crayon!?"